Vision Staff
Founders and Executive Directors
Billy and Sonya Dunlap
Billy and Sonya Dunlap are Huntsville natives, owners, and Executive Directors of The Vision. They have also been blessed to serve as part of several local and international mission projects over the past 25 years, as well as supporting with church planting in South Huntsville.
The Vision, which is close to both of their hearts, was launched to allow people an additional way to experience God, separating oneself from the outside pressures brought on by the demands of everyday life.

They have seen God open doors, remove obstacles, and direct their paths in ways they’ve never experienced before. Many individuals and groups have prayed over, encouraged, and supported Billy and Sonya since the beginning of this ministry.  

They know their life purpose is to always be involved in ministry that shares the gospel of Jesus Christ everyday, everywhere– whether it’s through the serving of food, providing lodging, or  providing activities.

Billy is a third generation builder and has owned a commercial contracting company for the past forty years. He enjoys having a method to use what God has given and still be able to do what he loves, giving him great purpose each day.  

They have had fun through the years as they have developed the land together. Billy builds and Sonya decorates. She is always amazed at how he can visualize buildings and scratch them out on a napkin long before they are reality. She then loves to accent all his creative work by adding the little touches making buildings warm and welcoming. God has blessed them with talents that compliment one another allowing them to work together on this vision He has given them.

Billy and Sonya love to stay busy. Hardly a day goes by that they aren’t bouncing ideas off of each other. They know this is where God has called them in this season of their lives, and they have no plans of slowing down.
Interim Camp Director
David Hasty
David joined The Vision in February 2020 and is currently serving as the Interim Camp Director. 
He served as the Program Manager and Lead Director over his 10 years at Palomar Christian Conference Center in southern California. During his time at Palomar, he fell in love with Christian camping, met and married his wife Melanie (a fellow camp staffer), and received his Masters of Arts in Leadership: Christian Ministry.
David is passionate about people and loves to create an environment where they can get away, fellowship with each other, and draw near to God. He started this type of ministry when he was 9 years old in organizing neighborhood sports and is blessed to continue serving in this way at The Vision.
Camp Administrator 
Robyn Cates
Robyn joined The Vision in June 2015 and is currently serving as the Camp Administrator.
Robyn worked in camp ministry in the late 1990s, working on curriculum development, scheduling, and merchandise sales. With a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, she entered a teaching career for several years and then moved to homeschooling her own children while also serving as a church planter (with husband, Trey) in Vermont through the North American Mission Board.
Robyn absolutely loves interacting with group leaders and helping them construct the best experience at The Vision. She is most passionate about the study of God’s Word and sharing the hope of the gospel with others.
Director of Guest Services
Connie Tibbles
Connie joined The Vision as a volunteer in 2016 alongside her husband helping facilitate group activities. She now serves as the host of The Lodge and oversees all of the cleaning of our camp facilities. Connie receives much joy and blessings with each opportunity to interact and serve our guests. 
Prior to joining The Vision, God had given her a passion for investing in the lives of children. This led her to serve as a Pre-K teacher for 25 years and as a children’s ministry director for 5 years. 
Campus Pastor and Director of Facilities
Bobby Tibbles
Bobby has found great joy and fulfillment in service to The Vision since 2016. “I believe The Vision to be a place where God sparks revival in individual hearts, and I’m so excited that I get to be a part of it!” He hosts our guest groups at Legacy Camp, takes care of all of The Vision’s facilities, and serves as our campus pastor.
Bobby and his wife Connie have been invovled in Christian ministry since 1999. That is when they made their move, at the Lord’s direction, to Huntsville, Alabama, to assist in building a FWB mission church. Bobby pursued his B.A. in Religion at Legacy Christian University and hopes to return one day and pursue his Masters in Divinity. Bobby is the father of four and a grandfather of four.
Camp Cook
Chris Amesbury
Chris Amesbury joined The Vision in late June of 2019. He serves as the caterer for the camp through our commissary, Table 60. As a native of Huntsville, Chris has a 30-plus year resume working in some fantastic venues and restaurants and was able to learn and hone his skills from many different styles of eateries. He has always carried a desire and passion for service and food.
He is married to his wonderful wife, Robin, and they have four children as well as one granddaughter. He is a member of the Farley Community Church and loves being able to be a part of serving the guests of The Vision. “It is so refreshing to work for and with like-minded believers who are passionate to serve Jesus through serving people.”
Activities and Maintenance Staff
Brooks Macllveen
Brooks joined the Vision in April 2020 and is currently serving as an activities facilitator and through taking care of our camp grounds. He has worked with his church’s middle schoolers since graduating in 2017 and has been on mission trips in the U.S. and Costa Rica. Brooks loves to work in the outdoors, teaching about God through it, and working with people.
Legacy Housekeeping Lead
Sandra Blakeney
She oversees housekeeping for our Legacy Camp and tends to our beautiful rose garden  at the Pavilion. Sandra has led children’s Sunday School for 45 years. She enjoys making sure that every building is clean and ready for campers to enjoy.
Sandra also enjoys being able to go outside, listen and look at the birds (even the turkey buzzards!), and occasionally seeing deer. She loves the sunshine and realizing that God did indeed create a beautiful world and that He gave her a wonderful opportunity to serve in this capacity.
Assistant Campus Pastor and Housekeeping 
David Blakeney
Known as “Brother Dave” by many in the Huntsville area, David has 50 years of full-time ministry experience, having served churches in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. He was the planting pastor of Farley Community Church in Huntsville, serving there as a pastor for 16 years.
David loves who he gets to with at The Vision–both the staff and the leadership of visiting groups. He also enjoys working alongside his wife in tending to the many flower beds around campus.